Remodeling Preparation Checklist

Home remodeling ranks high among life’s stressful events. And no wonder, your home will become a work-site and a source of disruption to your daily routines for weeks or even months to come. During construction, keeping your inconvenience to a minimum is a priority and we'll use our relationships with suppliers, trades people and inspectors to keep your project on time and on budget.

Some things to remember when preparing for a home remodel:
Be realistic about how long your project will take. Unforeseen obstacles, inclement weather, material delay or the amount of time you might need to make informed decisions for various interior finishes will all add up and can impact your ideal schedule.

Designate a room or area(s), within your home not affected by the construction for eating, watching T.V., entertaining, homework, etc. to minimize the disruption to everyone’s daily activities. Discuss how newly designated areas and limited resources are to be used (bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.)

For kitchen remodels, you may want to pack and label items in clear plastic containers for easy identification. Make sure to keep out those items you’ll need on a daily basis (a can opener, basic eating and cooking utensils, a coffee pot, etc.)

Be sure to plan adequate storage space for items that will need to be removed from the construction area (such as furniture, pictures, plants, breakables, etc.)

Cover furniture and carpeting in adjacent rooms to protect them from dust that will circulate as both your family and workers move between areas. Similarly, remove fragile or heavy hanging items from neighboring walls to eliminate potential accidents.

Communicate or post any special instructions regarding pets or areas where materials may be stored and accessed by workers.

Try to look at your remodeling project as a process, and not an imposition. Take before pictures as they will help you realize how far you’ve come!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or raise concerns with your general contractor during the remodeling process. Things are bound to come up that could not have been anticipated in the beginning and the best thing to do is to address them promptly.

If you are getting more than one estimate it is imperative that you are getting “apples for apples’ comparisons. This is where your “pre-planning” comes into play. The more you know going into the remodel, the easier it is to get a quote for “exactly” what you want. Ask the contractor(s) to provide a “line-item” estimate breaking down all of the costs. That way if you wish to change something along the way, it is easy to quantify the change in price.