A Soapy Catastrophe – Time to Call Appliance Repair

I knew my dishwasher had been a little extra sudsy recently, but it wasn’t until I came home to a kitchen full of bubbles that I knew I had a real problem. There was apparently a pretty sizeable leak that happened to burst open during a rinse cycle last week. I guess, a floor could be covered in worse things than soapy water, but it took all of my bravest towels to really get the situation under control. I hand washed dishes for 3 weeks before I got fed up and finally called an appliance repair person. My house in Lee’s Summit isn’t too far away from Kansas City, so there are enough repair companies around to make it out within 24 hours.

There are a couple ways you can go about finding a company for services like this in your own town.

  • Ask your friends and neighbors. The oldest and some would say best method of referral is to take the opinion of people we already trust the most.
  • Consult the internet. Most businesses love to boast about their online presence in the community. On search engines or websites like Angie’s list, you can almost always find past experiences from other customer, both positive and negative. Try a search for something like best appliance repair company Independence MO and see who comes up.
  • Quote unquote “old school” search methods still hold some use. Yellow pages whether in print or online are both useful directories of local business where you can surely find an appliance repair person. These can often be lacking genuine customer feedback, though.

Without any hassle, I’m back up and running without having to wash a single dish by hand. Oh the joy! Now I can continue watching Law and Order free of interruption.

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