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We've been fixing and flipping homes for the last 20 years. We started with the home we were living in. Then we took the money we made from that house, and purchased another one; so we could flip that one. Eventually we were able to stay in a home and purchase houses just for the purpose of flipping them. In all our flips we've chosen great craftsmen and professionals to help us get the job done right. We've learned a lot along the way, and now know what jobs we can tackle ourselves, and where we need help, and who to get to help us. With common sense and a plan, you can do this too.

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July 4, 2016
window cleaning company

Finding the Best Window Washing Professionals

The following information consists of a series of steps you can take to insure that the window cleaning company you select to clean the windows in your home or office is the best and safest choice. Years In Business First, check to see if the window cleaning company is listed with the Better Business Bureau? If so, what does the BBB have to say about the business? Employees & Background Checks Make sure to ask the company about the years of experience of their window cleaning employees. You want to me sure that they are using experienced cleaners for your personal safety and to avoid liability issues. Ask if they conduct criminal background checks on all of their employees. Do you want someone with a criminal history cleaning the windows in your home or business? Ask for written proof that they are a drug-free company and make sure their employees have provided them an I9 form, indicating that they have a right to work in the United States. After you’ve done these checks, if you’re not comfortable with that window washing business for any reason, go to the next window cleaning company on your list. References Ask them for a reference list of customers they have served who had a window cleaning projects similar to yours. In other words, if they give you a list of commercial locations where they have performed window cleaning work and you’re looking for someone to clean the windows at your home, you should ask […]
June 10, 2016
cross-section of a house roof. All the layers are visible. thermal insulation, white background (3d render)

How to Choose the Best Roofing Material for Your Urban Lifestyle

Individuals commonly disregard the fact that roofing material is similarly important as other part of the house, so they do not put much time in selecting the right roof product, rather picking any roof according to its color and looks. Great roofing material is, nevertheless, essential for complete convenience of your home, given that, besides being a top information on your house, roofing system has a purpose in saving energy by heat-efficiency and cooling your home during the summer. Different Types of Roofing Material There are numerous types of roofs, so you will definitely want to discover the one that best suits you and is, both, functional and wonderful looking. Among the roof materials that are best in wetter climates but not especially pretty is rolling roofing system. Rolling roofing system is an excellent option if you are roofing your shed or storage home, however is not much to look at when it comes to roofing your residence, given that it is extremely low-cost and is not specifically successful in avoiding heat going out of your home during the cold winter season days. Metal roofing system, nevertheless, can be made to look excellent and to supply defense to your home. Benefits you might observe, is absence of dull bugs such as termites, which frequently occupy houses with wooden roofing buildings. Metal roofing systems are eco-friendly, made with environmental awareness, but are extremely costly and its installation needs highly skilled expert team. Eco-friendly roof is one of the most beautiful and […]